Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Entering the unknown...

I am beginning to embark on a new mission in parenting...transitioning B to food (this is where I would add some dun dun dun sound effects) I have dreaded this phase because there is so much conflicting information and really not any set rules on when and what to start feeding your baby. Of course as with any parenting issue I'm a little careful about soliciting advice because sometimes the parents that feel so strongly on how you should proceed will begin to morph from providing a helpful tip to a full on sermon. But I do like hearing what other people have done with their children, what worked and what didn't, etc so feel free to share your stories. Right now we are doing a little rice cereal in the morning. He is doing ok with it; the jury is still out on if he loves or hates it. I tried the stuff and it's pretty nasty, but I do understand their taste buds are much different than ours. Here is Mr. Man "eating" his rice cereal...

He's got a little of the "crazy" eyes here. Haha

Wish me luck in this new endeavor...I really don't want Brody asking for a bottle when he is 18. On an unrelated note, the actual web address of my blog has changed. If you follow me you will have to change it to the following: http://lifeintheblane.blogspot.com

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  1. So cute...I tagged you in a post if you want to play along :)