Monday, January 9, 2012

One week...two great parties!

In the past week I have been able to celebrate with two great friends. The first party was an 80's Prom theme for my friend Kristy's 30th birthday. With the theme, of course we had to also dress accordingly.
Here is our "Before" picture. Yes, I know naturally beautiful, right?
After tons of eye makeup (which I loved doing) and some wonderfully awesome 80's dresses we were transformed into 80's Prom Princesses...
I made this jean jacket to go with my dress. I was impressed with my mad glue gun skills (I consider myself a little craft challenged).
Here are some more pictures from the party. It was a really fun time!

Fast forward one week to a baby shower for Sarah and Baby Sally!

The theme of the shower was shabby chic. They did a wonderful job with the decor. Here is the cute momma in waiting...
She has the "pregnancy glow" which I am a bit jealous of because I never had. I think because my mini human was too busy sucking the life out of me! haha
Here are the "girls" (minus Abigail) at the shower. I can't believe Sally will be here next month!!!

So I had two great parties in one week. That will be hard to top this week.

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