Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday!  I can actually say that this morning because I had such a good weekend that I am not dreading this morning.  I spent some much needed catch up time with the nugget and Bill.  Friday I made Halloween treat bags for some of our special Halloween spooks that will come to our house.  Saturday we finally hung shelves in Brody's room I had been planning to do for some time.  I think they really help to "complete" the wall.

Saturday afternoon we made our annual trip to Green Acres pumpkin patch in Milan. Bill had already been this year to get some pumpkins.

He loved looking at all of the scenery and displays.  Next year will be even more fun when he can help gather pumpkins.

Sunday evening we had our annual Fall Fest Celebration.  What is Fall Fest?  This is a special holiday that Bill created several years ago.  We basically pay homage to all of the things we love about fall ...from food to activities.  This year was scaled down a bit due to the mini human but I made chili, beer bread, and butter pecan cupcakes.  Here are our pumpkins (our as Bill says punn-kin) we carved.
My pumpkin

Bill's pumpkin
This weekend I also picked out and ordered matching Christmas stockings.  I can't wait till they arrive.  Bill's stocking will be Santa, mine will be Mrs. Claus and Brody will be the reindeer/moose. 
I also ordered B some super cute Christmas long johns with a reindeer on the toosh.  Adorable!

O.k. that's my weekend wrap-up.  Happy Monday and Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2011

For your viewing pleasure...

I finally finished some videos of Brody I had been working on.  They are several minutes a piece and if you enlarge the screen to full size it can be kinda blurry...Hope you enjoy! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Great Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!  O.k. I know for most of us that statement is a bit of an oxymoron.  We had a great weekend...gorgeous weather and my dad and step-mom came to visit on Saturday.  I was so glad that my dad was able to spend time with B.  He hasn't seen him since August so you can imagine he was amazed at how big he had gotten.  Here are some pics of the proud grandfather:

Of course B had to charm everyone with his grin.  Personally I think he gets that from me. :)

Here we are together.  I obviously didn't get my height from my dad. 

We all went to eat for lunch on Saturday and Mr. Man was especially good.  Sunday we went to church, visited Bill's grandmother at her assisted living home and then met our friends Ashley and Andrew for dinner.  If you don't have a newborn you probably think my weekend sounded uneventful but when you're toting around an almost 12 pound mini-human completing all those outings with no massive meltdowns was a good accomplishment.  Monday we go again!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Thank gosh it's Friday!!!  Woo hoo we've almost made it to the weekend.  It has definitely been a busy week.  Last weekend Kristy and Sarah came to visit. 
Here we are all dressed up for the Delta Mu 50th Anniversary Celebration in Union City.
I tried on so many dresses and made the girls decide for me.  I've been feeling so self-conscious lately with how I look.  Still trying to get the baby weight off...Blah!
Brody LOVED having Kristy and Sarah visit.  Here he is charming them with his grin.  He also loved spending lots of one on one time with Daddy while I got to spend some time with the girls.  I'm so glad Bill loves taking care of him - he's a pro! 
Me and B saying goodbye to the girls.  My mini-human is getting so big!

Work has been super busy this week...working late and coming in early some but no complaints.  I'm lucky to have my job!  I'm especially looking forward to this weekend because my dad is coming to visit.  He hasn't seen Brody since August so I'm excited for him to see how much bigger he's gotten.  Really hate that he doesn't live closer but love that he's making trips to come see us.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm becoming one of "those people"

Oh no!  It's happening!  I am slowly becoming one of "those people".  You know certain parents with certain annoying tendencies (ones that I swore I would never do).   Here are just a few traits I've developed:
#1 I'm obsessed with pictures of my child.
Yep!  Every day I take an obscene amount of photos of Brody and I get so excited when someone asks to see a picture of him.  As I'm showing the pictures I hear a voice in my head saying "stop!  they only asked to see one picture" but of course I ignore it and keep scrolling thru picture after picture after picture.  In my defense I do try to delete all of the "bad" and duplicate pictures (because of course I will take 3 of the same picture).  When we recently received the proofs for Mr. Man's newborn pictures.  Which ones did we choose?  Well the same any obsessed parent would...all of them!  Rather than choose between the pics we of course just ordered the CD with all of them. 
#2 I act like a complete goober with my child. 
I sometimes find myself making silly faces and talking in a goofy baby voice to Brody.  I just wonder what Brody is thinking while I'm doing this.  By the expression on his face sometimes it's probably "what the hell is wrong with your face and voice?"
#3 I think my child is perfect.
You know the saying "nobody is perfect" well that phrase was obviously coined before my mini-human was born.  As I'm writing this blog I keep glancing over at him sleeping and even with the nasally snorting sounds and intense loud gas he is passing I couldn't imagine a baby being more perfect than he is.  OK you're thinking I have my "parent blinder" glasses on but judge for yourself:

OK because I can't just show you one pic (refer back to my first statement) here are some other cute pics of the nugget. 

And another one...

Alright I will stop with the photos. 
So if you see me out in public you have been warned. :)