Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brody Update - GOOD NEWS!

Bill and I went to our Vanderbilt appointment today.  They could not see any issues!  I had about an hour long ultrasound and then they had a pediatric surgeon look at the results and then a MFM doctor came in to talk to us. They think everything looks good!  Now when I first started to hear this you can imagine my reaction was kinda more of shock because the perinatologist in Jackson seemed confident in his diagnosis and so I really started to question who was right but the Vandy MFM said it is a condition that is very hard to diagnose before birth and because of this the next step is we will go back to Vanderbilt on June 15 for them to look at everything again and then if it all appears on the up and up then we will proceed with the pregnancy like normal and NOT have to deliver at Vanderbilt. I'm not sure if God played a hand in turning this around or what but we are obviously taking the good news for what it is and are so excited to finally leave with a good appointment. Haven't had a "positive" doctor's appointment since February. Oh and the nugget weighs 3 lbs 5 oz so he is right on track.  Think we will actually both sleep well tonight!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

8 years ago today I made one of the best decisions of my life: to marry Bill Parnell.  I am not much of a sappy person but I can say that I am one of the luckiest people in the entire world.  I could not imagine (nor do I want to) how my life would be without him.  Here are some pictures from throughout the years:


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday and Beach

So I just got back from celebrating my 30th birthday that included a vacation to Destin, FL.  It was great to have a chance to get away from everything for a week but I must say traveling in general is getting to be a bit more of a hassle.  This will probably be the last big trip we take before the little man arrives...10 weeks 0 days to go! 
Here are some pics from our trip - enjoy!
Enjoying yummy crab for my birthday dinner - notice the "Birthday Girl" tiara

I packed all of the birthday cards I had received before we left so I would have them on the trip.

Bill made sure I had a little birthday cake - notice the scared look I have because one of the numbers was falling off and I was worried he was going to start a fire our first night.

At the Back Porch restaraunt

My friend Ashley got to celebrate her first Mother's Day in Florida.

We went on the trip with our friends Andrew, Ashley and Sarah

View from the condo

Gorgeous sunset - we had amazing weather the entire time!

Harbor Walk Village

Our last night out on vacation.

Hot fudge brownie sundae - it was supposed to be for two people but trying to share this with Bill the chocoholic was a bid problematic.