Friday, January 6, 2012

Flashback Friday

It's Friday!...and time for a Flashback Friday. My trip back in time is just going to take us back to the holidays.  Brody's First Christmas!  To kick off the festivities we traveled to visit some of our out of town families:  
This is B with my dad.  It is still weird seeing my dad hold a baby but he absolutely loves him and Brody was so excited to see him again!

Posing in front of the Christmas tree

He passed out before we even started to open presents so of course I had to take the opportunity for a silly pic.

We also were invited to visit my brother Jeff...

Brody and Uncle Jeff - I'm going to have to keep a close eye on these two!

B will be walking soon enough (well at least with Uncle Jeff's help)

So after visiting with family it seemed like we were off to a "perfect" start to the holiday then Brody started to get a little cough on the Sunday before Christmas. 
To make a long story short poor B got really sick.  He had RSV which developed into bronchiolitis, and then he got an infection.  He was getting antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments every 4 hours.  Here he is getting one of his treatments.

Even though he was so sick he still tried to have his happy personality.  I really think he is one tough cookie!  Of course since he was sick that limited what and where we went over Christmas.  For Christmas Eve we stayed home and in our pajamas all day.

It was actually nice to relax and spend time with just the three of us.  Since we were home bound I made an insane amount of desserts from recipes I gathered off of pinterest.  Here is the plate of goodies we left for Santa...
Here he is on Christmas morning: 
Santa, family and friends were very good to Brody for his first Christmas.  This kid racked up in presents!   Here is B with most of his presents:
I'll have to take a picture of his large presents he got. 
Even though the holiday didn't turn out exactly like we planned we still made the best of it.  We were lucky that Brody was able to avoid going to the hospital and we took the time at home to spend quality time as a family. 
Fast forward one week to New Year's Eve:
B was ready to ring in 2012.  Who wouldn't want to kiss this little guy at midnight?

So there you have it my Flashback Friday / Holiday recap!

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