Monday, July 25, 2011

I'll Take My Baby Well Done Please

Yep Mr. Man is now "well done" or in other words over due. I must admit I was a little disappointed this morning when I realized that I had past my due date but it wasn't until I opened the What to Expect app on my iPhone that it really sunk in. How could it not with it being so bluntly put in the countdown...see picture below. Oh also pay attention to the baby tracker which has now gone from watermelon to pumpkin. Damn app!
Ok I was mildy irritated but wasn't fully pissed off until I read the daily digest which normally provides a decent amount of information and insight into the pregnancy. The daily digest today was about making sure the dad is fed before and during labor. Seriously!  I have the responsibility of pushing a 6-9 lb "pumpkin" out of my body and I am supposed to be concerned about the stomach of the person that is half responsible for putting me in this "delicate condition".  Needless to say I think I may now have one less app taking up space on my more offense WTE and you are out of here!
**Disclaimer:  I realize it is not totally sane to devote an entire blog to ranting about an app on your phone but when you are carrying a well done pumpkin you tend to loose a little bit of sanity with each day that passes.**

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