Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ms. Grimm

I haven’t blogged in several weeks. Time has been flying by it seems. I can’t believe the school year is over! It seems like yesterday I was dragging (seriously dragging) the mini human into the classroom. We were so fortunate to have such a great support system at his school but I wanted to specifically thank a very special woman, his teacher Linda Grimm. 

There are certain people that God places in your life at certain times and I fully believe Linda was one of those people. From always asking about his therapy appointments and if there was more she could do to help B, to filling out additional paperwork for his doctor’s appointments she was willing to do anything to help Brody with his progression. 

During the months leading up to Brody's initial appointment, she would talk to me and patiently answer all questions I had about Brody. She tried to ease my worried mom fears but was not afraid to point out her concerns as well. After his initial diagnosis, I cried several mornings in her arms. She had been through this process with us entirely. She offered me guidance, strength, and compassion. 

I am sad that she will no longer be Brody’s teacher and even more sad that she will no longer be at his school but so glad that the world will continue to see and know this amazingly beautiful inside and out woman. Words will never be able to fully thank you for all that you’ve done but please know Ms. Grimm you will always be our teacher and our friend. Love you!

Here are a few pictures of the last day:
Ms. Linda holding a gift from the class (all the kids thumbprints)

Don't let the picture fool you, he adores Ms. Linda.

Showing love!

Last time in this class. :(

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