Thursday, April 30, 2015

Goodbye to "OUR" month

Today is the last day of April, the last day of Autism Awareness Month. It’s strange because I have never directly been involved in an awareness month. Sure I’ve fundraised or volunteered for worthy causes but never had something so close like this. It’s ironic that in less than two weeks after learning about B, the awareness month began. Many will move on to the next philanthropy but know for so many of us the struggle continues. People ask how we are doing and the answer is different each day but most of the time I will simply smile and say, “we’re doing ok.” If you truly want to know, we have good days and bad days, great days and awful days. There are days I’m ready to take this on and fully believe I can tackle all of my personal and professional responsibilities and then there are days where I want to crawl into a ball and cry by myself. The ups and downs are exhausting. 

The update on Brody’s “treatment” is his speech therapy sessions were increased so we now go twice a week for speech therapy. He was also evaluated to see if he needs Occupational Therapy and he does. He will start going once a week for Occupational Therapy to help with his sensory and fine motor skills. That makes three different therapy sessions a week. Although it is draining juggling all of this, we were glad to start to get some sort of plan for helping him then we found out his speech therapist’s (who he adores) schedule may be changed. So we would be left with two options: 1) Have a different speech therapist for one day or 2) try to coordinate a different time which would cut into our work day more. I know these may sound like simple problems but when you are dealing with change in our life, nothing is simple. Change is very hard for Brody. But we will move forward, keep going, trying to fight for what is best for our mini human.  So tomorrow brings a new month, a new day, a new chance for us all to make a difference. 

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