Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our little “complex” profile

So many ask how Brody is doing and I thought I would post an update. We went to Vanderbilt yesterday for Brody’s psychological evaluation. This was an appointment where they look deeper into his development. The appointment was 4 hours. There were so many questions, but by this point we are used to answering, a lot of simulations with B and observations. That was probably the hardest part. We were allowed to be in the room with him but not able to really participate.  We had two doctors with this appointment and both were amazing but the appointment was long and draining. 

They confirmed again, Autism Spectrum Disorder. They said B is a “complex” profile. He doesn’t fall either high or low because he has some traits that he ranks high in and other traits in which he ranks really low. He’s a bit complicated. Welcome to our world. They suggested intensive therapy for him. Speech therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral therapy. We are already doing speech (twice a week) and occupational (once a week) so we need to start the process of looking into Behavioral Therapy. They also suggested we look into the options available now within the public school system. 

There are mixture of emotions right now. I am so relieved that this appointment is over and for the most part, there are no more major appointments looming over us. I can’t help but also feel very sad. In a way, this was our last chance of someone telling us the others were wrong and Bro doesn’t have Autism. I wasn’t naive going into the appointment but I couldn’t help but have this little bit of hope. I struggle so much for wishing the Autism away because oddly his autistic traits, good and bad, are all we have ever known and make up who Brody is so how can you wish it away? I am trying to be strong, put up that “I got this.” face but I am terrified. I am scared of what is ahead, scared he will need something that we will either not have access to or not be able to afford, scared on the strain this will put on relationships, including my marriage. To be truthful, because of my childhood, I’ve always felt a bit ill-equipped being a mom so I pray that God sends me wisdom and or at least some cliff notes on how to handle this all. 

Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers for Brody. We are blessed to have some pretty amazing people thinking of him. 

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