Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Boot Camp

We are almost 3 weeks into this whole parenting thing and people have been asking me how things are going, are we getting sleep, is the baby crying alot, etc.  The best way I can describe the situation at Casa de Parnell is a little like Baby Boot Camp and our little bundle of joy is the drill sergeant.
"I said to feed me NOW stupid!!!"

Sometimes when Brody is dictating his orders you could close your eyes and possibly envision R Lee Ermey.

O.k. maybe that was a stretch and of course it's nothing like the first scene of Full Metal Jacket but let me explain the comparison.  Basically like the military enforces a strict daily schedule on its recruits during boot camp so does our 7 lb mini human on his new "recruits" (aka parents).  It is an ongoing learning project with plenty of cause and effect or actions and consequences.  Here is an example...
Cause:  A military recruit is late to formation or roll call. 
Effect:  The drill sergeant makes him do push ups. 
Cause:  Laying a just fed baby with the hiccups flat in the bassinet.  
Effect:  You get to clean projectile spit up off of the baby and bassinet.    
In boot camp there is no such thing as an alarm clock to wake you instead the drill sergeant takes care of that by making loud noises such as banging a trash can beside your head.  Same goes for us, since becoming parents Bill and I have not used out alarm clock.  Instead Brody will alert us when it is time to rise and shine and jump into action.  Now before you start to think I am complaining, I'm actually doing the opposite and am really pleased with how things have been going.  Brody is eating on a schedule...every 3 hours during the day and then every 4 hours at night.  Bill and I are a team in this endeavor and seem to have developed a pretty good system.  During the day I run this ship (i.e. make sure the house chores are done, get showered, dressed and put on make up, keep the baby alive, etc) and then at night Bill comes home and takes the reigns so I can get a little reprieve.  Don't get me wrong - we've had our moments of frustration especially in the midst of one of Brody's massive meltdowns but for the majority of time we have been really good.  I have a theory that people sometimes expect way to much from a newborn and in turn are disappointed or start to doubt their parenting abilities.   Right now Brody has three modes:  sleeping, eating, crying and understanding that has helped keep sanity in the forefront.  To sum it up we may have a little live in drill sergeant but we're both really happy that we decided to enlist in the parenting branch of service. Because even though you may hear this often at loud decibels:
to change me, feed me, swaddle me...

The dictating person actually looks like this:

And how could you not want to do whatever this little guy orders?   

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