Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Letter to My Mini Human

It has been two years since your diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. In some ways it's hard to remember our lives before that time, but in other ways mommy still has trouble believing this is real. But I continue to be so very proud and blessed to have you as my child. Mommy even decided to get a permanent symbol on my wrist to always remind me, even in difficult times, of my purpose which is you my precious child. 
As I reflect over the past year, I am in awe of you sweet boy. You had several bad falls this year. The first you fell on the playground at school. You still have a scar above your eye.

In July you had another bad fall resulting in your second broken arm in a year. This time baby boy was definitely worse than the first. You tried so hard to be tough but it was a terrible break and you ended up getting your first ambulance ride with mommy to Vanderbilt to have surgery while Daddy followed us in the car. I think I learned I had some mad gymnastic skills in high heels after you screamed my name and I somersaulted into the bed. What a site we were riding in the hospital bed together through the hallways of the hospital. Mommy and Daddy were so worried about you but knew you would tackle this challenge like you have everything else. 
You started your second year at Whitehall Pre-K Center. 
You have worked so hard at school and with your therapies. You have a total of 7 different therapy sessions with 5 different therapists in addition to going to school. To be honest Bro sometimes I have trouble keeping up but you never do. We have been so proud all that you have done. Mommy doesn't know of another person, child or adult, that works as hard as you do. I still wish you didn't have to work so hard, so young and you were able to just be a kid but that is simply not our life. You also had to adjust to having two homes when Mommy and Daddy decided to no longer be married. I hope you know precious child that this was not your fault. I have hated how this transition might have added to your stress and altered your routine. I promise you sweet boy, in all that we do Mommy and Daddy will always put you first and even though we are no longer married we three are still a family and we both love you so much. 
It hasn't been all struggles this year. We have had lots of fun. Here you are at Halloween as the coolest astronaut.
You have found your passion of "hiking" and "camping" with Daddy. Don't tell Daddy but I think you were even tougher than he was the first night you slept outside in the tent. Daddy thought you would want to come inside from the cold but you, just like Daddy, truly love being outside. 

While you love playing outside with Daddy, you love dancing and listening to music with Mommy. My heart melts when you hear a song and say "Dance with me Mommy."
We have gone through a lot this year baby boy. I wish I could promise you this year will be easier but I can't. I do know that I will continue to fight for you and push you. And when you grab my hand and ask me to dance, I'll always say yes. I love you sweet Brody. 

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  1. Beth, Your letter is precious and the love you have for Brody spills over in each word. He will thrive with you as parents who support and love him so very much!
    Judy Renshaw