Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm becoming one of "those people"

Oh no!  It's happening!  I am slowly becoming one of "those people".  You know certain parents with certain annoying tendencies (ones that I swore I would never do).   Here are just a few traits I've developed:
#1 I'm obsessed with pictures of my child.
Yep!  Every day I take an obscene amount of photos of Brody and I get so excited when someone asks to see a picture of him.  As I'm showing the pictures I hear a voice in my head saying "stop!  they only asked to see one picture" but of course I ignore it and keep scrolling thru picture after picture after picture.  In my defense I do try to delete all of the "bad" and duplicate pictures (because of course I will take 3 of the same picture).  When we recently received the proofs for Mr. Man's newborn pictures.  Which ones did we choose?  Well the same any obsessed parent would...all of them!  Rather than choose between the pics we of course just ordered the CD with all of them. 
#2 I act like a complete goober with my child. 
I sometimes find myself making silly faces and talking in a goofy baby voice to Brody.  I just wonder what Brody is thinking while I'm doing this.  By the expression on his face sometimes it's probably "what the hell is wrong with your face and voice?"
#3 I think my child is perfect.
You know the saying "nobody is perfect" well that phrase was obviously coined before my mini-human was born.  As I'm writing this blog I keep glancing over at him sleeping and even with the nasally snorting sounds and intense loud gas he is passing I couldn't imagine a baby being more perfect than he is.  OK you're thinking I have my "parent blinder" glasses on but judge for yourself:

OK because I can't just show you one pic (refer back to my first statement) here are some other cute pics of the nugget. 

And another one...

Alright I will stop with the photos. 
So if you see me out in public you have been warned. :) 


  1. I don't blame you....he is pretty friggin' cute!

  2. Thanks Sarah - I may be bias! You will get to see for yourself this weekend.