Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update on Brody

I debated on putting this "out there" on my blog but I am lucky to have so many people that ask how the pregnancy is going that I thought it would be somewhat easier to just do an update on here.  At my 19 week ultrasound they saw a small calcification on Brody's heart.  This is something that is very common but merits a follow up ultrasound.  So we went back 4 weeks later for another ultrasound and since the calcification was still there we were automatically referred to see a perinatologist (high risk doctor).   We went the next afternoon for a much more in depth ultrasound.  The tech measures everything twice and then the perinatologist comes in and looks at everything himself.  The doctor felt like the calcification did not pose any concern and that everything looked ok.  He had just gotten the words out of his mouth of "I've looked at the heart so much I'm getting bored at looking at it". Towards the end of the ultrasound he got a little silent and started taking pictures of a particular area.  Since he had been making small talk the entire time I kinda felt like he had come across something.   In a nutshell he saw what may indicate that the baby may not able to swallow properly and therefore would not be able to feed and could potentially have breathing trouble. He said he wasn't sure if this was the case and wanted to see me back in 3 weeks to look again. So Tuesday morning we went for our 4th ultrasound in 7 weeks.  It didn't take the perinatologist long to look at what he needed to.  I knew when he patted my arm and said he would talk to us in the office that we probably weren't going to be told it was our last visit.  The doctor said he is about 75% sure the baby has esophageal atresia (EA) with tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF).  What happens now is I will go to a perinatologist at Vanderbilt and see them probably 2-3 times, also see the perinatologist here who will share what he sees with the doctors at Vandy and continue with my regular OB doctor's appointments for the prenatal care.  I will have a scheduled induction and deliver at Vanderbilt.  Since nothing can be 100% diagnosed in the womb they will do the test right after he is born and if the diagnosis is confirmed then Brody will have surgery to repair the issues fairly soon after birth.  He will probably stay in the hospital for about 2-4 weeks.  The past few days have been pretty overwhelming, and I'm definitely feeling an array of emotions but I do feel very fortunate.  If we hadn't been referred to the perinatologist here for the calcification then we probably wouldn't have ever known about the other issues so now we have the ability to prepare for what is ahead.  The first few weeks of my little man's life are gonna be tough but I have strong faith that everything will work out ok.


  1. Will certainly be praying for you and Brody. Grateful to know that you both will be in good hands! When is the due date?

  2. Thanks Lynn, the due date is July 24.

  3. He is going on my prayer list tonight! Love you guys! Beav