Tuesday, March 23, 2010

25 Random Things About Me...

25. I am one of the few people that actually likes winter...I prefer the cold and I love bulky sweaters, drinking hot chocolate or apple cider.
24. I hate spiders and can cripple with fear when I see one; there are fewer spiders in the winter :)
23. I have been drinking coffee pretty much every morning since the 4th Grade.
22. My first date with my hubby Bill was a blind date...they sometimes do turn out well!
21. I love to sing but can't carry a tune and I love to dance but have no rhythm!
20. I've always thought my name (Lynda Beth) was dull and boring. I've wanted to change it to something more interesting...suggestions???
19. I am walking allergy, and sometimes randomly break out in hives.
18. I love to "primp" and get dressed up but also love to ride 4 wheelers in the mud and get disgustingly dirty!!!
17. On long road trips, I'll sing Disney tunes at the top of my lungs...refer to note 21 :)
16. When I was 19 I moved to Martin, 3 1/2 hours from my hometown to attend UTM. I didn't know a single person and I was scared to death. It was the best move of my life...had a great collegiate experience, met some of the best friends of my life...left Martin with a degree and a husband!
14. As confident as I sometimes appear; I'm actually really insecure about alot of things. And as outspoken as I can be when you know me, I can be rather shy and nervous when meeting new people.
13. The house I'm living in now is the longest place I've lived in a single location since I was 18. I normally get antsy every year but I love my home now and will stay put for awhile.
12. I can't stand someone that is unreliable or constantly makes excuses for things - "say what you mean and do what you say"
11. I have interviewed the past 6 Miss Tennessee title holders
10. I am terrified of flying and cry every time I have to get on a plane :(
9. For years I was told I only had 3 wisdom teeth...then when I went to have them removed there were only 2...still can't figure out where that other one went...
8. I hate to cry in front of other people for two reasons: 1. it's a sign of weakness 2. I look extremely ugly when I cry (get all blotchy and my nose turns red like Rudolph)
7. I love dogs but not cats (allergic - hence Note #19) if I saw a dog and a person on the side of the road I'm more likely to help the dog first.
6. I have always thought I was destined to be interviewed by Oprah - there HAS to be a reason for this craziness that's called life.
5. I hate to drive, especially at night. If I could afford one, I'd have a chauffeur take me everywhere, until then Bill will do. :)
4. I love to eat!!! From sushi to spaghetti...I can be quite the hoss! Probably why I am always trying to loose weight.
3. I don't have any children but I do have the most ADORABLE nephew, Jack.
2. My grandmother "Sweetie" was one of the most amazing people I ever knew. She passed away nearly 6 years ago and I still miss and think about her almost every day.
1. In May, I'll be married 7 years to Bill...
"Looks like we made it...look how far we've come my baby" (refer to Note # 21)

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