Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shame on them!

Welcome to my first blog "rant" of 2012. Woo woo! What subject is lucky enough to get me back on my soapbox? Beyonce and Jay Z's delivery. Have you read any of the articles about this? It's so ridiculous. Supposedly, they pretty much transformed the maternity ward, putting up partitions, supposedly making all nursing staff turn over their cell phones, covering up all of the windows, and the covering up the hospitals' security cameras! Now let me say I think the hospital administration AND the "stars" were equally responsible. What was the worst offense? Again, "supposedly" all of the extra security prevented a father from visiting his premature twins in the NICU! If I were that parent I would have shown them some "Crazy Love". I feel so bad for the other mothers that were delivering during this time. And I don't know how they couldn't have felt like they and their soon to be born babies were nothing more than nuisances that needed to be blocked and second class citizens. You might ask if she wanted all of the strict security why not try to deliver away from a hospital or at home? Well she had a planned c-section. A celebrity having a planned c-section (and maybe a tummy tuck to follow?) suprise suprise! Ok before I offend anyone here, I am in no way juding anyone that has had to undergo the surgery. If you and your medical professional feel that it is the best and safest way for your baby to arrive then I think it is the way to go. It is a major surgery and in my opinion I think most celebrities elect to have a c-section and probably a little plastic procedure BUT then in a few months you will see them on the cover of a magazine about how they "lost all of their baby weight"...BULL! Of course I do not have the inside scoop on if this was the case. So please if you have had to have a c-section know that I am not referring to you and I would for sure have one if my doc had advised me to do so. Alright I regress back to the original subject of the rant. Here are a couple of articles about what allegedly occurred:

Again all of this is allegedly what happened...
UPDATE: After Bill read my blog he commented, "Well there goes any chance we have of getting free tickets to a Jay Z concert", gotta love him!

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