Friday, October 14, 2011


Thank gosh it's Friday!!!  Woo hoo we've almost made it to the weekend.  It has definitely been a busy week.  Last weekend Kristy and Sarah came to visit. 
Here we are all dressed up for the Delta Mu 50th Anniversary Celebration in Union City.
I tried on so many dresses and made the girls decide for me.  I've been feeling so self-conscious lately with how I look.  Still trying to get the baby weight off...Blah!
Brody LOVED having Kristy and Sarah visit.  Here he is charming them with his grin.  He also loved spending lots of one on one time with Daddy while I got to spend some time with the girls.  I'm so glad Bill loves taking care of him - he's a pro! 
Me and B saying goodbye to the girls.  My mini-human is getting so big!

Work has been super busy this week...working late and coming in early some but no complaints.  I'm lucky to have my job!  I'm especially looking forward to this weekend because my dad is coming to visit.  He hasn't seen Brody since August so I'm excited for him to see how much bigger he's gotten.  Really hate that he doesn't live closer but love that he's making trips to come see us.


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