Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Well another week has passed which means it's time for another addition of What I'm Loving Wednesday (please try to contain your excitement)  haha
Flipping Out
If you've never watched this show you should check it out.  It airs on Bravo and follows house-flipper turned interior designer Jeff Lewis.  From over the top clients to Jeff's demanding no-nonsense persona it's one of my favorite shows.
Boudreaux's Butt Paste (The Original)
Got a diaper rash that seems to never end?  Then rub some of this on your bum.  O.k. I know if you're reading this odds are you don't have diaper rash but if you have a mini-human (aka baby) GET THIS PRODUCT!  It works wonders. 
iPod on my iPhone
Over the past few weeks I've been reminded on how much I love my iPod.   It makes exercising or a screaming baby much more bearable.  What's on my play list?  A huge variety of music:  everything from Pink, Randy Travis to T.I. 
Family coming to visit
I love that my dad made another trip to visit Brody.  He brought my step-mom and aunt also.  He lives almost 3 hours away so I appreciate him making trip.

  That little grin!
I absolutely love that Brody is starting to smile.  It doesn't happen to often but when it does it is super cute!  I have a feeling if I'm not careful this could be a tool used against me in the future to get what he can you say no to those pearly whites I mean gums? 


  1. Love that smile!! Do you like the butt paste better than desitin??

  2. Butt Paste! The original not the all natural. We tried Desitin and he seemed to get mad every time we put it on and then someone told us it can sting when putting it on.

  3. Yep butt paste and A&D ointment Sarah :)