Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I got this idea from my friend Sarah.  Each Wednesday she blogs abouts things that have caught her eye and that she is currently interested in, hence the title "What I'm Loving Wednesday."  I realize that today is Thursday but I started writing this yesterday so just give me a pass on this one.  Below is my list of things that I heart right now.  The majority are things I avoided during pregnancy.  Hope you enjoy..

Diet Coke! 
I didn't have one...NOT ONE diet coke the entire time I was pregnant.  I did occassionally have a regular soda but I avoided the diet drinks entirely.  It's something about the artificial sweetner (aka the addictive crack as I like to think) that is not recommended for preggar women.  Before I began to push while in labor and delivery the one thing I asked to be ready for me when he popped out was an ice cold can of Diet Coke.  I could see a can waiting for me across the room and I think that might have added to the motivation (don't worry the thought of seeing my son was obviously my main driving force) .  When I finally was handed the can I realized it was a Diet CAFFEINE FREE Coke.  What the hell?...Not the same!  But alas I have since been reunited with my favorite carbonated can of goodness. 
The Rainbow Roll - SUSHI
Another no-no when I was pregnant:  raw fish.  I love the Rainbow Roll which is a california roll topped with an assortment of raw fish.  I get salmon and tuna on mine.  I missed sushi so much that I somewhat envisioned myself like the scene in the Lord of the Rings in which Gollum rips the fish out of the water and devours it while it's still flopping about.  I could seriously eat sushi EVERY single day. 
Oh how I missed these little magical orange-redish colored pain killers.  You can have tylenol when you are pregnant but it just doesn't really do the trick. 
Red Wine
Yes I went the entire pregnancy and never cheated.  I avoided all types of alcohol; I even used alcohol-free Listerine (maybe in my cold-turkey quitting combined with massive sleep loss I was scared one morning I might turn up the bottle of regular Listerine for a little enjoyment).  The good thing about going 9 months without having alcohol:  you have NO tolerance.  Seriously I am such the cheap date now.  I have one glass of Pinot Noir and I am set. 

O.k. this is a bit of a wild card because I was actually able to watch television while pregnant BUT while on maternity leave I get to endugle in one of my favorite all time t.v. shows because it airs on Soapnet during the day.  I love all things 90210, the ORIGINAL 90210 not the bullshit copycat show that is currently on the air.  I have seen every episode countless times and can recite some lines by heart.  Some of my favorite 90210 episodes / story lines include:  the Brenda / Kelly / Dillon drama (for the record I still say Brenda and Dylan were soul mates), Dylan's dad getting blown up, Scott accidentally shooting himself, Kelly on cocaine, Donna finally giving it up to David, and Dylan's wife Antonia getting murdered (I still hear Dylan screaming "look what they did to her Brandon!").

O.k. that is my list of What I'm Loving Wednesday.


  1. Welcome to What I'm Loving Wednesday!! I love 90210 too...I like when Kelly is in the fire and when Brenda almost gets raped at the peach pit.

  2. Oh my gosh! How could I miss those episodes???

  3. I love the original 90210...but the new one is also a guilty pleasure for me - so bad it's good sometimes.