Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thanks but No Thanks

One of the most true statements I have heard since becoming pregnant was from one of my doctors when he said "if you want a lot of unsolicited advice...get pregnant".  Now don't get me wrong there is so much that I don't know about babies/parenting.  In fact if they issued licenses for parenting I probably would not qualify for one - I was never a babysitter and have never even changed a diaper!  Truth be told I've never been much of a "baby person".  It's not so much the actual advice that bothers me because I do understand that most comes from the best of intentions but how emphatic people are in giving it.  For example, if I choose not to do (blank) then my child will forever be damaged.  Some of the more controversial issues range from:  prenatal care, breastfeeding, childcare, etc.  For those of you that know me, I am not one that normally bites my tongue with my opinion but lately I find myself being more reserved when parenting discussions occur.  Example:  if someone told me that you shouldn't potty train a child until age 6 and they must be breastfed until age 10 I'd probably just nod my head in agreement instead of risking a heated discussion.  I'm actually surprised as you leave the hospital with your baby there aren't people lined up outside the entrance with parenting picketing signs.  I guess I am just a believer in what works from some may not work for others.  It also seems to me for every scientific study stating one thing there is another study out there stating the complete opposite.  No one else in the world will have Brody Anderton Parnell so there is no way they will know what is exactly best for him.  I'm not even sure I will know what's best but isn't that part of the experience in parenting? 

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  1. Now isn't that the truth? LOL everyone knows how to parent your child didn't you get that memo? Ha ha just wait until you actually have Brody then the real unsolicited advice will start. One of my favorites is...if a baby cries he/she must be hungry...that can be the only reason LOL! :)