Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making room for baby "B"

A few weeks ago we found out we were having a son. We had already decided a long time ago on the name: Brody Anderton Parnell. Bill and I wanted to keep with the same initials BP (just like ours). Brody was Bill's great grandfather's name and Anderton is my maiden name. The name was the easy part now came decorating the nursery. We already have our crib and dresser which are espresso finish and a glider that is espresso with light beige fabric. I am not sure why I thought picking out bedding would be just as easy as picking out the name and furniture. I was pretty particular in the look I wanted. I knew I wanted navy and lime green and I really didn't want anything that was too "babyish". In my mind the crying pooping mini human in the room will tell everyone there is a baby living there so I don't really need to plaster that fact all over the decor. Don't get me wrong some people love that baby look and I admit it does look cute but I think everyone has their own taste in how they like their home decorated. Moving on...after reaching the end of the internet in searching for baby bedding (literally I think I looked at every potential website), and searching for fabric I decided on a bedding pattern from a business that makes custom baby bedding in Fairhope, Alabama that was suggested by a couple friends. After a 45 minute phone consultation the bedding order was placed. They hope to have it made within the next 3-4 weeks!  
I will probably have a matching curtain made and am going to try and order extra fabric in the same patterns like the bedding from the company making it.  I'm not planning on changing my wall color because I love the neutral color that's already on them.  For above the crib I was thinking of an espresso shelf with lower case letters from Pottery Barn Kids in white.  Then over the glider maybe a couple of canvas frames that either I will attempt to paint or may ask someone more creative to do.  Probably one lime green and dots like the sheet and the other frame alternating lime green and navy stripes like the crib skirt.  That's all I've come up with so far.  18 weeks and 3 days to go!


  1. YAY! Excited about your new post! :)

  2. Not only did you reach the end of the internet, you reached the end of Tupelo, an even more amazing feat!